Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 4th Wiscoy Creek/Spring Brook

Woke up July 4th with one thing on my mind and that was trout. Headed south to Wiscoy Creek in Wyoming County to try my luck for some wild BT's. When I got there the creek was more or less blown out. I decided to fish anyway and was rewarded with about a 6iner and decided that my time could be spent more productively if I headed to a fishable stream. I packed up and headed north to Spring Brook, a tributary to Oatka Creek.

On the way I encountered a flock of wild turkeys along the side of the road that allowed me to walk right up to them, I had never been that close to wild turkeys!

As its so aptly named Spring Brook is a freestone stream that runs low and clear no matter what's happening around it, so I knew I would find fishable water. As I arrived a Hendrickson hatch was coming off the water but I knew a size 12 mayfly would be a tough sell to these over fished and wary trout. I opted for a caddis nymph that I have tied just for this stream. They are under almost every rock as you will see in the video and was finally able to coax a nice BT to hand. While I was fishing, just a few feet up stream I captured a large water snake attacking and eating a brown trout. Its all in the video...check it out.

I recomend a high speed conncetion to view the video and if your at work make sure you turn down the volume!

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nice video, pretty cool to see that snake eating the brown.


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