Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Everyone vote today? I hope you did. I live in Congressmen Tom Reynolds (R - NY) district, you know the guy you have all been hearing about in regards to the Mark Foley page scandal, in fact I live in his home town. He lives in a gated community called Spaulding Lake just a few miles up the road. I picked the absolute WRONG time to head down to my polling place because it was also the time that he choose to cast his vote. Needless to say the high school where this fiasco was taking place was swamped with media and people. I'm going to have to come back later.

Who am I going to vote for? Well Congressmen Reynolds has brought $500 million in federal money to my District since being elected to Congress. He also played a key role in the Bush administration decision to fund the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy (GLRCS) in 2005. The (GLRCS) is an international, interstate and interagency action group aimed at correcting many of the Great Lakes serious problems and will funnel billions of dollars into solutions for the next 10 yrs. Money speaks and Reynolds gets the vote.

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