Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Six Proven Steelhead Flys

Six Proven Steelhead Flys

There are endless patterns and variations of Great Lakes Steelhead flys. It can be mind numbing trying to narrow down your offering but choosing six patterns that represent the greatest variety of a Steelhead’s diet will maximize your hookups. A days worth of flys can easily fit in one box.

Here are my top six patterns along with links to their recipes.

Egg Sucking Leech
Crystal meth
Tom's 60 sec Red Head
Cold Stone
A Prince with Amensia
Glo bug

Tie up six of each pattern, in two diffeent sizes. If they aren't hitting one of these, its not worth being on the river that day.

Tight Lines,

Steele Nisbet

Wader Tech

Wader Tech

Its time for new waders and like any smart consumer I have been researching my options. Waders tech has come along way since the pair that I have been wearing were manufactured. I have been sloping around the Salmon River in hand me downs from my Grandfather. These durable boot-foot waders are constructed of bulky, heavy and not to mention non-breathable rubber. Although the thick rubber construction makes them impervious to just about anything, after a few hours in these archaic monstrosities you quickly realize there must be superior alternatives.

There are many different companies the produce waders and of those waders in production exists endless variations. A quick survey of three brand names; Cabela's, Simms, and Orvis reveals that there are three major variations to consider. Neoprene, Breathable Nylon, and a Breathable Poly/Nylon blend. Each offers a range of pros and cons.

Here is a sample of each of these variations in high, medium and low price ranges

H Orvis Guideweight Neoprene Waders
M Cabela’s Guide-Weight™ Stockingfoot Waders
L Cabela's Roaring Fork™ Neoprene Wader

Breathable Nylon
H G3 Guide Stockingfoot
Clearwater Endura™ Breathable Stockingfoot Waders
L Cabela’s Bluestream™ Breathable Waders

Breathable Poly/Nylon
M Orvis Pro Guide²
Orvis Silver Label ² Stockingfoot Waders

My pick…

There are a lot of choices out there. Take your time to examine all of your options. Most people are restricted on price and budget but as is the case with many specialty consumer products you usually get what you pay for. So if you have to wait to make your purchase to save a little more DO IT. If it means spending a Salmon and Steelhead season in Granddad’s hand me downs DO IT. It will pay off in the end.

**Own one of these products? Have a favorite pair of waders? Tell us about it in a Comment!!!**

Photos photos comming soon!