Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Ideal Steelheader

The Ideal Steelheader

I saw this and wanted to pass it along. I think it represents a set of core values that we as a steelhead fishing community can enbrace.

The Ideal Steelheader:
  • Is versatile. There are no obstacles between him and his target. Can over come the toughest of conditions regardless of which type of outfit he decides to use when fishing.
  • Prefers to fish standing 50 feet away, rather than 5 feet. There's no challenge in fishing at one's feet.
  • Offers help when not asked and really bends over backwards when he is asked for help. He also sees gratification in other's success.
  • Does not measure success by "going 10 for 15" but, rather what he has learned and observed, and by the folks he has met on the stream (good or bad). He doesn't even have to fish to consider a day successful.
  • Stays away from the terms "smashed them", "killed them" and/or "pummeled them" because he understands that it's about much more than that.
  • Gives back to the fishery as much as he can.

  • Understands what having fun is all about - taking fish is a mere bonus.

  • Shares his offerings, techniques and any other knowledge he may possess.

  • Doesn't fish with the most expensive equipment or have the most neatly tied flies or drive a $60,000 SUV. He may be wearing rubber hip boots and fishing an old Garcia fly rod and Martin click/pawl reel. You'll know him when you see him...or will you?

  • Takes great care when handling fish because he wants others to experience the same 5 minutes he enjoyed.

  • Likes a "smoker" or and there.

  • Respects landowners and their property. There's no need for further explanation.

"The Ideal Steelheader" is in all of us, isn't it?

Written by Ken Nulph
Ironhed Fishing Expeditions
Natrona Heights, PA