Friday, January 12, 2007

2008 DEC Lake Ontario Angler Regulations

LOSA, The Lake Ontario Steelhead Association has posted the details of a December sit down with the DEC where they were treated with a preview of some of the proposed 2008 angling regulations.

A quick run down includes:

"No Chumming Allowed - DEC wants to make illegal the tactic of chumming fish eggs (Trout or Salmon) To attract fish."

"Up to and not to exceed 1 quart of eggs per angler in possession on the trib at one time. This includes that a guide if he has two anglers can't “himself”carry two quarts of eggs. In other words the anglers have to each possess their own limit."

And the heated Salmon River debate

"No added weight in the Upper and Lower fly zone year round, EXCEPT, Weighted flies, sink tip lines or looped in sink tips. Use or running line or low weight level line (Non tapered) is not allowed. Level or running line is allowed if a shooting head or at last 20 feet is attached tot he front end. Essentially DEC wants to have a situation where the angler has to make a FLY cast with what ever configuration they are fishing with so the transfer of energy is between the rod and fly line, not cast/lobbed by the added weight."

Public comment on proposed changes will begin in the middle of 2007