Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to Northern Ontario

Welcome to Northern Ontario

Acting on a 53 year tradition, the Nisbet family made its way north to a pristine wildness lake, scraped out of the expansive Canadian Shield by advancing and retreating sheets of ice during the Pleistocene epoch. Here, nestled among untouched boreal forest is a sportsman’s dream.

My grandfather was 39 years old when he first made the trip, bringing with him my father and uncle who were seven and twelve. In just a few weeks my granddad will be celebrating his 90th birthday and I have trouble keeping up with him. So far this trip he has boated many beautiful fish, portaged into several different lakes and generally assumed the role of patriarch that he has held for several generations.

Fishing has been nothing short of spectacular. The only camp on the boat/fly in lake, in which we have called home for a week every summer dating back to 1955, primarily markets its self to its guests as a trophy walleye lake but the beauty of the lake is only matched by the smallmouth and northern pike fishery, that has my bias vote as one of the best in northern Ontario.

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With one last day in our trip we cherish every moment we have together up here. The memories and stories will last a lifetime and I hope to pass along the tradition to my kids and tell them of how their great grandfather at age 90 whooped the bass.