Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday at the springs

As of late, Sundays have become synonymous with lazy evenings on the 58 mile Oatka/spring creek system,which is complemented nicely by the company of good friends. The fishing ebbs and flows between stories shouted across the stream and the occasional drag of a cheap cigar. This brand of fishing is at a much slower pace than some of the more strenuous outings, where scouting for a client or cataloging new water is the task at hand. It’s just something about the familiarity of the location, the day of the week and the company, which exudes a relaxed and mellow vibe. However, don't think there is not pressure to catch fish, as friendly ball busting is never far from the topic at hand. Other, verbal tennis matches, include the break down of the plus and minuses of the latest gear, product wish lists and exotic destinations, where we intend to chase trout. Really, it’s all a giant BS session, full of wishful thinking and exaggerated expectations; fueled by soda pops and chuckling friends. But for just a few hrs, anything seems possible and the real world fades away, while enjoying... Sunday at the springs.

As for successful tackle, dry flies of a mere mortal are rarely a match for the weary trout that inhabit these crystalline waters. They simply serve as strike indicators for the tiny midge and scud patterns dangled beneath. 7x seems like it could tow a car when you can see its thick shadow slip over the trout’s head, causing it to franticly dart for the nearest cover. Presentation is everything but without the right tool at the end of the line its nothing. Despite the technical fishing and the cavalier attitude of this particular angler, several respectable specimens have came to hand, predominantly falling to size 16 and smaller scud patterns.

More photos below...

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