Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oak Orchard Creek Report: Aug. 9th 2006

Currently Longnose Gar, Carp and Small Mouth Bass are the dominate game species inhabiting the creek. On the heels of recent rain the water was flowing, allowing the level of Lake Alice to moderate. Since there is no USGS water gauge for Oak Orchard, a consistent means of judging flow can be made by assessing the level at which the water meets the discharge outlet at the base of the dam. Today, the water was just below the top of the discharge tubes.

Turbidity was moderate to low considering water levels. If we had these flows and it was a month and a half later in the season conditions would be perfect for fall Salmonid action. I’m looking forward to the weeks to come.

The large Gar will take swinging streamers but are difficult to hook on the fly because of an elongated hard billed snout. The Carp were generally unresponsive to streamers as well as nymphs. Lots of Small Mouth action on dark woolly buggers.

Today was a test run of a new set up, a Orvis 10ft 7wt with Mach IV reel and a 350 grain 30ft sinking head. The combo made quick work of the medium sized creek. Dead drifting and swinging were the tactics of the day. I’m very happy with the mid-flex action of the 10ft rod, allowing for plenty of back bone to lift and turnover the heavy sinking line while its length provided excellent tippet protection. The 11’’ line retrieval and outstanding drag of the Mach reel made use pleasurable. So far I’m happy with the gears performance and I’m looking forward to pitting it against this falls fresh Steel and Browns.

Stay posted for more updates on the Oak as well as Other WNY tribs as the Salmon and Steelhead season quickly approaches.