Thursday, March 22, 2007

What can brown do for you?

C-Roc, Dejon, Flythrower and I made plans to explore some relatively new water on a little Lake Erie trib but overnight temperatures climbed above freezing, triggering a melting event that has blown out most of the south west corner of NY. We decided to shift gears and headed north to the shores of Lake Ontario in search of our migratory quarry.

A six pack of browns fresh from the lake, a black tailed oddity and some genuine slobs greeted us at a creek we affectionately dubbed "The Dirty B". You can check out the slobage COMING SOON at Chrome On Chrome

The morning started out with sunshine then quickly deteriorated to a blustery mix of rain and hail. The fishing seemed to get hot as runoff churned an otherwise docile creek. Around 6pm the flows started to settle out and the fish seemed to shut down as we did not raise a look in the hours before sundown. The browns and steel were taken on a swinging double bunny.


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