Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunday at the NSSC

Sunday the not so secrete creek (NSSC) was full of good fishing and new friends. Read about it at Chrome on Chrome

"Sweet December brings with her a bastardly lake ward storm. Clouds of soaking rain stretch their wide hands across the entire region. Winds rip through the trees and quell thoughts of late fall in street side walkers. Waves roll out of the great lakes and blast beachside restaurants and close whole stretches of fabled RT 5. Our sweet little Cattaraugus Creek turns an ugly face and in 12 hours reaches 10,000cfs!

But wait friends I still have a tale of 30+ fish.

4:50 am and Chris and I are sitting in a Tim Horton’s parking lot waiting for our new fishing partners for the day. Ryan, a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic associate of the Cattaraugus Fly Shop, and Drew the publisher of a fantastic great lakes fishing blog Dreams of Steel."

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Chrome on Chrome