Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maumee River egg collection haulted: VHS

"A long-standing practice — almost a tradition — will be bypassed this year when Ohio Division of Wildlife biologists skip collecting walleye eggs from the Maumee River.

Instead, biologists will begin collecting eggs today from several inland lakes. The reason: VHS — Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia. That's the disease floating around Lake Erie that killed so many drum and perch last summer.

As Lake Erie fisheries program manager Roger Knight explained, the egg collection at Maumee won't take place this year to avoid possibly spreading VHS to Ohio's hatcheries and inland lakes.

"Our folks plan to work a little longer collecting eggs at inland lakes this year so we can provide enough for the hatcheries to complete our regular stocking program," said Doug Maloney, fish management supervisor for District 5."

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How will NY's hatcheries respond to VHS in the coming months? Since 1998, Fisheries managers on the left coast have been well aware of the threat marine VHS poses; will NY utilizes their management strategies and insight? Will they be effective in the Great Lakes environmental landscape?