Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CNY Inland Bows and Browns

Took a little day trip in search of some inland action on a stream I had never fished. Its always exciting exploring new water especially when you have high expectation due to its superb reputation and biotic potential. The weather was beautiful and it was particularly buggy, with several varieties of mayflies and caddis sporadically popping off all day. A size 14 Snowshoe "Usual" was an almost permanent fixture on the end of my 6x Frog Hair. I have recently been turned onto using snowshoe hair to tie all my mayflies and caddis. Its cheap, easy to work with, sheds water like nothing else and it makes a great one material dry fly!

When things really slowed down up top I ran a two fly rig with a bead head stone and pheasant tail wet nymph. The bows seemed to really like the wet fly as it was swung through seams and current breaks.

As afternoon faded into evening the browns got active and took my top water offering with incredible aggression. The takes came with an audible smack, sounding like someone slapping the palm of their hand on the surface of the water as it echoed off the far bank.

The most pleasurable part of the day was experiencing some of the best dry fly fishing NY has to offer without bumping into another soul.